Terms and Conditions Policy

Shoot us your techie question and we’ll do our best to answer it. We’re here to help you out. All your questions are valid so long as they are related to technology. That said, here are a couple of our terms and conditions in using our website. We will help you in every way we can so long as you comply with our terms and conditions.

Technology Is Our Field

Technology is our field and that pretty much is the scope of our website. That is what we want to discuss here on tq12580.com. It’s broad enough as it is. So it means we cannot accommodate any other topic that is not related to technology. If your question has nothing to do with technology, we’re not the right guys to get with.

Our website is also not a venue for expressing complaints. Should you have any complaints about the products we feature here, we will not entertain them. Furthermore, if you don’t agree with us here, you can just find another website to answer your questions.

Shoot Your Questions Nicely

We will help you in every way possible so long as you ask us properly. You can use our Contact Form to ask your techie question. But you agree to be polite and courteous. We won’t be able to help you if you have a negative and an abrasive manner of asking a question. Be nice.

Decide On Your Own

From time to time, we feature products here on tq12580.com. But that doesn’t mean you’re forced to try them out. We will share with you our expertise, opinions, and experiences with the products we feature but you decide on your own should you want to try them out.

Get Our Consent

If you want to share any of our articles, you need to get our consent. All the articles here are owned by tq12580.com. You cannot share or post any of them without our consent.

So now that you know how things work around here, shoot us your questions. We will be right here to answer each and every one of them.