Privacy Policy

This is our Privacy Policy. It aims to answer all our visitors’ queries about their privacy here on Below are the most common questions about privacy online .

Question One: Does Collect Personal Information?

If it’s not needed, we don’t collect personal information here. We’re really not after that. But there are certain processes online that require the visitors’ email addresses. Like if there’s a need to send us a message or a comment, it can’t really be processed without a name and an email address.

So the point being is that names and email addresses are only collected if the need arise.

Question Two: What Kind Of Personal Information Does Collect?

As mentioned earlier, collects names and email addresses when the need arises. Another personal information collected is the visitor’s IP address. An IP address is able to trace the exact location of our visitors. Again, we are able to collect IP addresses because it’s the way the internet works. The only way the computer can connect to the internet is through an IP address.

So these are the personal information collected here on

Question Three: How Does Protect Personal Information?

We here at never share any personal information with any third party vendor. As much as we try not to collect any piece of personal information, we also don’t share any of it here. Our visitors’ privacy is scared.

Question Four: How Can Visitors Protect Themselves?

Everybody can protect themselves online. There are certain settings on the browser that can block the cookies that store IP addresses. It’s better to block these cookies so that the websites won’t be able to access the IP addresses. This way, anyone can go online without being easily traced or tracked down.

These are the most common questions our visitors usually ask regarding their privacy. On our part, we vow to protect any personal information gathered here on