Why Carbonite Online Backup Is Your Best Option

carbonite-online-backup-featuresCarbonite is, no doubt, the best online backup service for everybody, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s affordable and very easy to use. It actually just works by itself which means that the computer-user doesn’t have to do anything to back up the files. With Carbonite Business backup solutions, all the files are automatically backed up.

Carbonite really has a lot of nice features. One of which is the unlimited backup that Carbonite promises. Unlike the other online backup services, Carbonite offers unlimited backup. All the files in the computer are backed up. That particular service comes at a fixed price. That’s not a bad deal at all. With the fixed price of Carbonite, there will never be any additional charges.

Another Amazing Feature Of Carbonite

But so much about the unlimited backup and affordable price plans of Carbonite have been talked about. Those two features have actually established Carbonite as one of the leading online backup service providers. But aside from those two amazing features, Carbonite still has a lot more to boast about.

The one thing that Carbonite can boast of is the fact that it can revert old versions of computer files. Even if there aren’t any other versions in the computer, Carbonite saves the older version of all files.

Versioning Is One Amazing Feature Of Carbonite

This particular service is called versioning. 95Box.com says that Carbonite Business makes it very easy to restore previous versions of any file that’s been backed up. This feature is a big help especially when there’s a need to double check some data. In some cases when a file has been accidentally deleted, the previous version of the file will always come in handy. Carbonite knows this very well and that’s why they offer this particular feature of versioning.

Depending on how many times a certain file has been backed up, it’s possible to view twelve versions of a file. This means that all the data and information are safe and protected. Versioning gives the computer-user peace of mind. With Carbonite, there’s just no way anyone could ever lose data and information.

How To Revert Files From Carbonite

Just like anything else on Carbonite, restoring previous versions of a file is easy to do. There are various ways to do it. One way to do it is by launching the Carbonite InfoCenter. Soon as that’s launched, just click on Restore on the left hand side of the InfoCenter. From there, computer-users will have the options to do the following:

• To search and restore;
• To browse backup; and
• To restore all the files that have been backed up by Carbonite.

Another way to restore previous versions of a file is by right-clicking on the file itself. From the list of options, computer-users will find it very easy to just click on “Restore Previous Versions”.

It doesn’t take that long to restore a file. It just takes seconds to restore a file from Carbonite,. But of course, it takes longer to restore all the files back to the computer, Nonetheless, it is possible to restore previous versions of any files from Carbonite. This is really one helpful service for any computer-user.

The Online Backup Service For Keeps

It’s safe to say that Carbonite is one online backup service for keeps. With an affordable price point most especially if you use a Carbonite offer code, Carbonite falls right within the budget of any computer-user. Second of all, Carbonite has a friendly navigation that every computer-user will appreciate. They will really find it very easy to use.

But more than that, Carbonite backs up and keeps previous versions of all the files. That is one important service to boast about. No one can ever predict an accident and Carbonite knows this very well. Restoring and backing up all the files on Carbonite mean one hundred percent protection for the computer-user.

The computer-user will really find that the versioning service of Carbonite is another great feature of Carbonite.