Is Carbonite Backup Complicated to Install and Use?

Online backup is the only way to go these days. There’s just no doubt about that. If you really want to protect all your computer files, you should seriously consider an online backup service. Carbonite is one online backup worth looking into.

Setting Up Carbonite

If you are intimidated with Carbonite, don’t be. If you think you need some high tech computer skills to set Carbonite up, think again. Carbonite has a super, simple setup. If you can read, follow instructions, and click a mouse; then you’re all set.

Setting up Carbonite only takes a few minutes. But there’s one thing to remember when installing Carbonite. You can get a better deal from a Carbonite offer code so make sure to click on one to start setting up this particular online backup software. After you click on a Carbonite offer code, you are on your way to set it up. Everything after that is super simple. All you literally have to do is to read the instructions and to click on the mouse. It’s super simple.

Backing Up With Carbonite

After you’ve effortlessly set up Carbonite, you’re all set to back up all your computer files. Again, you don’t need any high tech skills to start backing up with Carbonite. If you want to back up automatically, then you don’t have to do anything. The default setting of Carbonite is on automatic, even for the Carbonite business server plan. You just need to make sure that you have internet connection for Carbonite to start backing up all your computer files automatically.

You can also schedule your backups with Carbonite. Either you can back up once a day or at certain hours. It’s your choice; just choose from the three options on the Carbonite Settings page. If you don’t want to back up some of your files you can right click on the file and choose “Don’t back this up.”

Making Sure All Files Are Backed Up

You can expect Carbonite to back up 2 Gb of files a day. Just make sure you have the setting on automatic. If you want to make sure that all your files are backed up, all you need to do is to check the dots beside each file., which features the latest Carbonite offer code, says that once Carbonite is installed on your computer, you will notice a dot on each and every single file. A yellow dot beside a file means the file still has to be backed up. While on the other hand, a green dot means the file has completely been backed up already. So you just need to check the dots beside the files to make sure they have all been backed up already. There’s nothing hard about that.

Restoring Files With Carbonite

When the time has come when you finally have to restore some of your files, you won’t need any rocket scientist thinking. Restoring a file from Carbonite is very easy. If you’ve accidentally deleted a file, just launch the Carbonite InfoCenter. Choose “Restore” on the left side of the InfoCenter. When you get to the Restore page, you can search and restore any of your files. You can also browse all your backed up files on Carbonite. At the same time, you can also restore all your files from Carbonite. Again, all you need to do is read and click. There’s nothing to it.

You don’t have to worry in case you’ve accidentally deleted a file on your computer. As long as you have Carbonite in your computer, you can rest assured that you have a copy of that particular file online. Carbonite saves your deleted files for thirty days. Hence, you can easily restore a deleted file from Carbonite.

There’s really nothing complicated about Carbonite.